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Intensive Care Units
Airway Management Solutions
  • Tube Fixations

  • Respiration Tubings & Ventilation Systems

  • Connectors

  • Pressure Infusion Cuffs

  • Pressure Infusors

  • Tracheostomy

  • Gastric Tube Guide

Accessories for Anesthesia and Intensive Care

Medical equipment in hospitals and clinics is critical for a successful and safe treatment of patients. VBM offers a wide range of products with a large selection of accessories for anaesthesia and intensive care.

Intensive Care Ventilation


  • Aeolus Ventilator

The Latest Technology in Intensive Care Ventilation

This new-generation critical care station is our latest solution for a wide range of patients requiring respiratory assistance, from neonates to obese patients. Its powerful turbine-driven ventilation, capable of delivering very high flow rates, guarantees the highest precision ventilation over an extensive set of ventilation modes, as well as in non-invasive modes, as well as in non-invasive ventilation.


Its unique PureTouch® user interface allows you to swiftly monitor and adjust ventilation parameters on a 18.5 inch full-colour capacitive touchscreen with a touch of a finger. Swipe through waveforms in a fluent motion and browse through settings effortlessly with an unprecedented simplicity and visual acuity.

Oxygen Therapy and Suction


  • Flowmeters

  • Pressure Regulators

  • Oxygen Therapy Accessories

  • Vacuum Regulators

  • Suction Accessories

Oxygen Therapy and Suction Solutions

TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE still remains faithful to strategic choices which have created its great success: even today all their medical devices are manufactured in France. This choice is the guarantee for them to master the quality of their products and to be able to react and adapt faster to the needs of the customers.


Oxygen-therapy: with a broad group of devices such as pressure regulators and flowmeters with pre-adjusted flows, and the constant evolution of their range of pressure regulators and flowmeters, with floating ball over the last years.


Suction: with its main product, the vacuum regulator equipped with a filter up-front, an innovative product very much appreciated by hospital staff thanks to its efficiency and economical easy-use.

Syringe and Infusion Pumps


  • Aitecs 2017 Syringe Pump

  • Aitecs 3017 Infusion Pump

Advanced Syringe and Infusion Pumps

The aitecs® 2017 Syringe Pump is an advanced, configurable and versatile syringe pump offering enhanced safety in all clinical environments. The common user interface across the aitecs® range promotes ease of use and simplifies device training needs. It can be used as a stand‐alone device or be stacked together with other aitecs® pumps on the aitecs® Infusion Docking Station, providing connectivity compatible with the aitecs® Infusion Management System, Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS) and/or Hospital Information Systems (HIS) via the open system architecture.


The aitecs® 3017 Infusion Pump is an advanced, configurable multi-purpose infusion pump, with a common user interface to the aitecs® range, that provides patient safety by facilitating use from basic infusions to advanced clinical applications. This ensures that the aitecs® 3017 Infusion Pump is suitable for use in all units within the hospital.

Hospital Bed Mattresses & Patient Lifting Solutions


  • Active Mattresses

  • Static Mattresses

  • Hybrid Mattresses

  • Patient Hoists

  • Cushions

Clinically Proven Pressure Relieving Solutions

Park House Healthcare is recognised as the market leading supplier of specialist pressure area care equipment, hospital beds and moving & handling equipment to the NHS, Acute Community and Nursing Home Sectors. Parkhouse is also considered a major supplier of specialist pressure area care equipment to worldwide markets. Their innovative product portfolio encompasses a range of clinically proven healthcare solutions, fully supported by expert clinical training programmes. 

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