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Surgery and Operating Room
Anesthesia Machines - From Major to Minor Solutions


  • Caelus

  • Saturn Evo Colour

  • Neptune

The Latest Technology in Anesthesia Solutions

Caelus is Medec’s culmination of 40 years of research and development in the field of anaesthesia workstations. To better suit the needs of your patient Medec have redesigned and upgraded their well-established bag-in-bottle ventilator with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. To better suit the needs of your hospital our next-generation anaesthesia ventilator is fully upgradable, providing your hospital with a future-proof solution.

Endoscopy Tower Solutions


  • SYMBIOZ Camera


  • SYMBIOZ Flow

Advanced Endoscopy with NFC Technology

Manage your operating theatre from the camera head using the SYMBIOZ Camera, which includes six preset environments to fit any surgical application, integrated HD zoon, full HD integrated video recorder and the ability for surgeons to back up their personal settings on an SD card.


Use the most reliable light source technology currently available in the market through the SYMBIOZ LED, which automatically adjusts the light intensity according to your working environment, and allows its full use through the camera head if needed.


The SYMBIOZ Flow keeps the pneumoperitoneum inflated under all conditions, protects patients against cross-contamination through an external relief valve, and provides automatic flow rate adjustment to maintain needed pressure levels during surgery. It also calculates the remaining time of the insufflation in minutes.

Electrosurgical Units


  • Optima

  • Seal

  • MCB

  • Thermocut

  • Electrosurgical Instruments

French Electrosurgical Solutions Since 1947

Lamidey Noury provides all your electrosurgical needs through a product portfolio consisting of the Seal, your traditional electrosurgical units with Vessel Sealing technology; the MCB, the plug & play Bipolar station unit with Plasma Edge, Vessel Sealing and Thermocision; and the Optima, the complete electrosugrical unit system with Plasma Edge, Vessel Sealing, Thermocision, Endocut and Argon.


Meanwhile, Lamidey Noury's Thermocut provides surgeons with Cutting & Reusable Vessel Sealing Forceps in different sizes, and with single blades.

Powered Surgical Instruments


  • Large Bone

  • Extermities

  • Trauma

  • Arthroscopy

  • Neuro ENT

  • Plastics

  • Autopsy 

Battery Operated, Electrical and Pneumatic Powered Surgical Instruments

De Soutter Medical focuses on the manufacturing of high quality orthopedic drills that enjoy class leading power to weight ratio, coupled with their long heritage of designing power tools with superb ergonomics. Their drills benefit from proven system reliability, enhanced through continuous engineering development, including new fourth generation hermetically sealed hybrid motor controller and intelligent battery charging technology. The drills also have an easy, quick change locking mechanism. In short, simply snap in to lock.

Powered Cast Removal


  • CleanCast Mobile

  • QuietCast

  • CC5 & CC6 Electric Cutters

Electrical and Battery Operated Cast Cutters



The De Soutter Medical CSB-100 saw allows the user total freedom of movement, which is particularly useful for medical emergency services, ward work, the veterinary profession and numerous other applications where the cordless concept is the only practical solution.


Specifically developed for paediatric use, the Red Dot award winning CSP System is exceptionally quiet and compact minimising patient anxiety. The CSP System offers both battery and mains power options, and lithium ion battery technology provides an unrivalled power to weight ratio.


The CC5 and CC6 models combine the latest technological features with a functional, ergonomic handgrip. The smooth contours are designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing the ideal cutting position. The balanced weight distribution increases manoeuvrability and helps to reduce wrist fatigue.



  • Electric Tourniquets

  • Compressed Air Tourniquets

  • Manual Tourniquets

  • Tourniquet Cuffs & Accessories

High Quality & Reliable Tourniquets

Tourniquets and tourniquet cuffs create a relatively bloodless field during surgery on arms or legs. Another application for our tourniquets is the intravenous regional anaesthesia with the use of double cuffs.


VBM develop and manufacture tourniquets in various versions and out of every manufacturer, VBM offer the widest range of tourniquets. All models are available as electronic devices or as devices for connection to the central compressed air supply. VBM's tourniquet cuffs are hand-made and stand for precision and quality. With their three systems for creating a bloodless field they offer a complete product portfolio in this area.

Orthopedic Implants


  • Traumatology

  • External Fixation

  • Nails

  • Instruments & Sets

Wide Range of Advanced Implant Technologies

Ortho Select GmbH concentrate its knowledge at the development of implants for hip and traumatology. As an innovative company with a continuous dialog with leading surgeons they develop, design and manufacture implants and instruments under their own control to reach the best result for the patients and surgeons.


Ortho Select GmbH offers solutions for orthopaedic and traumatology surgeries. With their team we are developing, manufacturing and marketing, Knee systems, Hip Systems, Traumatology Implants, Arthroscopy, General Orthopaedic Instruments.

Blood and Infusion Warmers


  • BW 685 / BW 685 S

  • Protherm II

  • ESH 04 Emergency Warmer

Quick, Effecient and Economical Warmers

BIEGLER BW 685/BW 685 S is a high-performance, microprocessor-controlled device for warming infusions and transfusions to prevent intra- and postoperative hypothermia. Temperature can be set freely in increments of 0.5° C from 37° C to 41° C. The BW 685/ BW 685 S encompasses a slim and ergonomic design. The integrated universal mounting clamp allows the device to be placed on an infusion stand as well as on a normed rail.

Electric Suction


  • Electrical High Suction

  • Electrical Low Suction

  • Electrical Theatre Suction

Mobile Electrical Suction and Accessories

Oxylitre manufacture, supply and maintain the widest range of high quality Suction and Entonox® therapy equipment. Equipment that offers unrivalled standards of design and engineered technology that provides hospital services the world over with flexible and effective solutions when they are required.

The New Standard in Vascular Assessment

Oxylitre manufacture, supply and maintain the widest range of high quality Suction and Entonox® therapy equipment. Equipment that offers unrivalled standards of design and engineered technology that provides hospital services the world over with flexible and effective solutions when they are required.

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