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Hospital Furniture
Hospital Furniture Solutions


  • Treatment Couches

  • Patient Examination Furniture

  • Patient Stretchers

  • Medical Seating

Full Patient Examination and Transport Needs

Seers Medical offers a range of treatment couches for Outpatients, Gynaecology, Ultrasound, Orthopaedics, Phlebotomy, Echocardiography and Bariatric procedures. Seers also offers a range of therapy couches and rehabilitation products with a wide choice of models and accessories to cater for various patient examination procedures. In addition, their Medicare variable height patient trolleys are very robust and easy to use with centrally located foot operated height adjustment, and trendelenberg tilt.

Hospital Furniture Solutions


  • Care Furniture

  • Crash Carts

  • Medication Furniture

  • Hospital Wide Trolleys

  • And Many More

Wide Range of High Quality Hospital Furnishing Solutions

Founded in 1947  in le Mans - France, Villard is one of the leading companies in designing, manufacturing and selling hospital furniture. Villard consistently develop their trolley range with new material and new ergonomic design matching the specific needs of hospitals worldwide.


Villard's long experience guarantees reliable and high-performance equipment referenced in most hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.  Their strong quality system coupled with their knowhow assure the perfect quality product. 

Hospital Bed Mattresses & Patient Lifting Solutions


  • Active Mattresses

  • Static Mattresses

  • Hybrid Mattresses

  • Patient Hoists

  • Cushions

Clinically Proven Pressure Relieving Solutions

Park House Healthcare is recognised as the market leading supplier of specialist pressure area care equipment, hospital beds and moving & handling equipment to the NHS, Acute Community and Nursing Home Sectors. Parkhouse is also considered a major supplier of specialist pressure area care equipment to worldwide markets. Their innovative product portfolio encompasses a range of clinically proven healthcare solutions, fully supported by expert clinical training programmes. 

Bed Head and Patient Ward Projects


  • Patient Accommodation

  • Technical Wards

  • Acrylic Technologies

High Quality Bed Head and Patient Ward Solutions

For more than 20 years Biolume is the lighting and hospital solutions specialist in bed head units, canopy systems, and room concepts, as well as in technical and suspended systems such as technical trunkings, suspended columns, and medical gas alarm. We will reach all expectations for your unique project with prescription documents, photometric studies, equipment implementation and installations. Thanks to our specialist team, our creativity and experience we will bring you to a successful realization of your project.

Complete Pathology Solutions


  • Mortuary Refrigeration Units

  • Lifting and Transport Systems

  • Dissection Tables

  • Grossing Workstations

  • Pathology Equipment

Modern Medicine Technology Combined with Optimized Quality


Our range of products characterized by flexibility, adaptability and highest quality. In more than 3000 medical centres, crematories and institutions UFSK Mortuary Refrigeration Units, Lifting and Transport Systems, Autopsy/Dissection Tables, Grossing Workstation/Cutting Tables as well as our Pathology Equipment are in use.

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