Emergency Medical Services
Portable Ventilation Solutions


  • MEDUMAT Transport

  • MEDUMAT Standard 2


  • LIFE-BASE Portable Systems

Transport Ventilation for Emergency Medical Services, Armies and Hospitals

The WEINMANN Emergency ventilator covers a broad range of uses from pre-hospital treatment to intensive care transport and, thanks to its hygiene input filter, contamination transport too. You are free to concentrate on the patient whether you are in the air, on the ground or in the hospital. Given its robust construction, MEDUMAT Transport complies with all major standards, such as RTCA/DO 160 and EN 1789.

Defibrillation and Monitoring


  • Corpuls 3

  • Corpuls 1

  • MEDUCORE Standard

Unique and Revolutionary Defibrillator Design Concepts

For the first time, continuous uninterrupted patient monitoring is possible with the Corpuls 3. The corpuls³ is a new defibrillator and monitoring system which can be fully equipped for use in emergency medical services and hospitals. The innovation: corpuls³ consists of three devices: a monitor, a patient box and a defibrillator. They can be used all together, two at a time or each on its own.


Besides close monitoring, your emergency patients may need oxygen therapy or emergency ventilation. Now for the first time MEDUCORE Standard combines defibrillation, monitoring, oxygen therapy and ventilation in a single mobile system.

Mechanical and Automatic Chest Compressions


  • Corpuls CPR

The Tireless Arm That Saves Lives


The corpuls cpr has established a new generation of chest compression devices for Emergency Medical Services and hospitals for the best possible patient care.  It sets new standards in treatment and allows for high quality, guideline-based resuscitation according to the current ERC2015/AHA guidelines. These are specially designed for the various requirements in Emergency Medical Services, air ambulance and hospital and are made of a radiolucent material.

Emergency Suction Devices
  • ACCUVAC Lite


Robust Products for Effective Clearing of Patient's Airways

Our rugged suction pump simply and effectively removes secretions from the oropharynx. When the patient's breathing is disrupted, paramedics take the first life-saving step of clearing the respiratory tract. Then mechanical ventilation can begin.

Emergency Cases and Bagpacks
  • ULM Case


  • Special Cases

For Use Under the Toughest Conditions


Thanks to its organizational clarity, customized set-up of equipment and robust construction, the ULM CASE remains one of the most important transport containers in emergency medicine. Our emergency backpacks RESCUE-PACK offer you the same organizational clarity plus great stability and safe transport of your equipment. It combines the emergency case concept with the advantages of a backpack. So on the way to the scene of an emergency, both your hands are free.

Airway Management Solutions
  • Resuscitation Bags

  • Laryngeal Tubes

  • Cuff Pressure Gauges

  • Cricothyrotomy

  • Face Masks

  • Stylets, Introducers & Tube Exchangers

  • Laryngoscope

Flexible and Reliable Airway Management


Every second counts and every movement must be spot on in pre-hospital operations or hospital emergency situations. Every user has to be able to rely on products to maintain or restore vital functions.


We offer a wide range of products in the area of airway management. Our products are part of current algorithms and ensure that the user can both easily and safely ventilate a patient.

Emergency Patient Transport
  • Transport Stretchers

  • Accident & Emergency Stretchers

Patient Transport, Emergency and A&E Stretchers


The Atlanta Transport Trolley is suitable for patient examination, treatment, recovery and transportation within a variety of acute healthcare departments. Easily manoeuvrable, the trolley features a 5th wheel steering system and centrally located foot pedals for controlling height adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg tilt.


The Atlanta Transport Trolley is suitable for patient examination, full X-Ray and resuscitation, within a variety of acute healthcare departments. The trolley incorporates an easily accessible full length X-Ray cassette platform, is easily manoeuvrable, as the trolley features a 5th wheel steering system and centrally located foot pedals for controlling height adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg tilt.

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