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Dedicated to Providing the Best in Health Care Solutions


As one of the leading medical distributors in Saudi Arabia, Al-Khateeb Medical has been providing unparalleled medical solutions and customer support to all corners of the Kingdom for over 20 years. This has been achieved through a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Such dedication and drive enabled Al-Khateeb to achieve double digit growth figures, as well as high customer satisfaction rates throughout its operational life.


Al-Khateeb Medical strives to provide the doctors and practitioners of Saudi Arabia with the most optimal solutions, through the careful analysis of their needs. The philosophy of providing solutions instead of products is a primary goal of Al-Khateeb, to ensure that doctors are comfortable with the knowledge that the patient is consistently safe within their hands.


In short, Al-Khateeb Medical cares.

Our Focus

Al-Khateeb Medical focuses on the following fields to ensure a consistent market leading position and superior customer service.


  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Intensive Care Units

  • Surgery & Operating Rooms

  • Fetal & Neonatal Care

  • Hospital Furniture

Our Partners

Consistency is key - and as a result, we believe in the establishment of strong and longstanding business relations with worldwide partners. Years of synergy with our partners ensures that we satisfy our customer requirements to the best of our joint abilities.

Better Care Starts with You!

Our Values

Customer Oriented Focus


We believe that our customers are the core of our success. We focus on building strong and longstanding relations, and on meeting their constantly evolving requirements. 

Team Oriented Development


We believe that constantly investing in the development of our team's knowledge and skills, allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, and to provide our customers with the wow factor.

Transparent Business Process


We believe that a clear, transparent, ethical and accountable business process is essential to achieve the interests of both the customers and the stakeholders.

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